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Palace office furniture, founded in 1993, is located in Longjiang, an important furniture manufacturing town in China. It is an Ikea enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of high-end office furniture (customized professional space such as conference chair, public sofa, medical sofa, office leisure sofa and swivel chair). Our products are not only well-known in China, but also popular in South Asia, Europe, Europe, America and other countries and regions.

The company's core management team has been focusing on the furniture industry for more than 20 years. Through continuous innovation and practice, it has professional technical capabilities and deep foundation in marketing management, commodity research and development, production management and control. After training, the company has a young, professional, passionate, stable and high-quality management team, the strength of the company has risen again. Become a leading brand in China's home furnishing industry, and obtain any affirmation from many industries and society.

  • Outstanding member award of Lecong Furniture Association

  • Member enterprise of Longjiang Human Resources Association

  • Various professional certificates of appearance design

  • Various professional certificates of appearance design

  • On March 28, 2017, Foshan HUAQUAN Furniture Co., Ltd. was awarded the "brand enterprise demonstration unit" by Lecong Furniture Association, Shunde District, Foshan City.

    The two trademarks registered by the company are well-known and have become the model and benchmark of office furniture. The company is not only shortlisted as one of the top ten enterprises in China's furniture trade capital, but also successively awarded the titles of "key training enterprise of Shunde District government" and "outstanding member of Lecong Furniture Association", and also the mainstay of "China Furniture Association" and "Foshan Furniture Association".

    Professional achievement quality

    The company has two production plants, located in Xinhua West Industrial Zone and Yongkou Industrial Zone in Foshan, China, covering an area of 20000 square meters, and has a group of high-quality R & D, design, production management and quality control personnel. The production process is strictly controlled and the details are refined to provide solid support for the sustainable and steady development of the company.


    Ideal space Creator

    So that fine make extraordinary

    Front way is an independent design organization, focusing on furniture design. Their unique design thinking and years of design experience are their advantages. "Love, openness, freedom and curiosity" is the reason why front way always keeps high level of design and production.

    Font way advocates that everyone can bring some new ideas and challenge all kinds of hypotheses. Frequent thought collisions and repeated experiments can always bring exciting results, which has become the driving force for front way to operate all the time, and has also made this mature and experienced office furniture design team.

    "Our goal is to create a good taste of work"

    The purpose of the goal is not just a sound good point of view, but to have a fundamental impact on the company. Employees who can feel the significance in their work will feel more satisfied, efficient, dedicated, connected with the hearts and minds of customers, and less likely to leave. A study sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of America and conducted by economists shows that compared with incentive mechanisms such as bonus, internal motivators, such as perception of goals and meanings, can actually lead knowledge work to better business results.

    We have to transcend our role as designers and realize that we have other roles to play. We have a deep understanding of how people work. We can classify these information into codes according to the field where the design business is located.